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Continuing Professional Development

CPD demonstrates your professional integrity and expertise to employers and clients, and shows that you are committed to developing your career by keeping your knowledge, skills and experience up to date. 

The sections below provide specific information about the expectations for Chartered Geographers. Your employer may also have advice about, or a structure for, professional development and learning that will support your career.

The Society reviews the CPD activities of Chartered Geographers each year. We will certify the records of those who need it. We recommend that you use our CPD record template. If you’d like advice on completing your CPD record please get in touch.​


How much CPD is expected?

Chartered Geographers are expected to complete 35 hours of CPD each year.

A CPD record of 35 hours would normally include:

  • 15 hours of CPD completed internally (e.g. offered by your employer).

  • 20 hours of CPD completed externally.

  • No more than 5 hours accumulated on any single day even if the activity lasts longer, though some activities may cross multiple days.

Chartered Geographers who are working part-time or job-sharing, based overseas, on long-term leave (e.g. parental leave), unemployed or retired are normally expected to provide evidence of CPD or professional engagement during the course of the year in order to retain their status, but it may be pro-rated or exempted for particular circumstances. Please contact us for advice and view our webpage on guidance for CPD.

Events and activities are limited to a maximum of 5 hours per day, regardless of whether they are external or internal, or the format that they take. The hours allowance for some activities, for example preparing for and delivering publications and presentations, will vary and are difficult to define. We will consider these in light of the work required and evidence of their wider professional impact. Please describe this clearly in your CPD record, and ask for advice if you have questions.


What types of CPD are expected?

A broad range of activities can support professional development. Examples include formal training courses, on-the-job learning, self-directed learning, offering or receiving mentoring and coaching, consultancy and expert advice, writing publications, participating in conferences, workshops, presentations and discussions, and promoting geography and Chartered Geographer. You can find out more about types of CPD here

Chartered Geographers are encouraged to continuously reflect on how their professional development activities support their development in relation to the Chartered Geographer Framework of Competencies, and relate to the career goals and development objectives agreed with their employer (especially any internal development frameworks).​


Professional development opportunities with the Society

The Society offers a range of meetings and events in London and around the UK. When browsing our online listings, look for the Chartered Geographer 'CPD mark' to identify those that are suitable for professional development:

Browse RGS-IBG meetings and events for CPD 

Browse professional development and curriculum support for teachers

Read more about maintaining CGeog status and promoting the profession


How should CPD be recorded?

You are encouraged to use the Society's Chartered Geographer CPD template, which has been designed to support you in reflecting upon your professional development activities. However, it is a guide only and you may choose to use your own format and one preferred by your employer.

If you prefer to use your own structure and layout for recording CPD, please ensure that you include as a minimum:

  • a title and short description of the CPD, and whether it was external or internal

  • the number of hours accrued

  • a self-evaluation statement that reflects on your progress and plans for the year ahead

You should refer to the Chartered Geographer Framework of Competencies and your employer’s professional development frameworks, for possible areas of focus appropriate to your role, organisation, sector and career stage.


CPD review and certification

The Society confirms receipt of, and checks the content of, all CPD records submitted by Chartered Geographers each year.

Over and above this check, the Society also offers CPD certification to current Chartered Geographers and those who have made a firm commitment to making an application within the next three to four years. This certification can be used to confirm to your employer and clients that you are engaging in appropriate professional development.

To request certification of your CPD, please indicate this in the CPD Record template when you submit it at the end of the year. We recommend that you use the Society's CPD Record template if you are intending to apply for certification to ensure that all the required information is included. If you are sending your CPD in another format, please ensure that you meet our requirements by including at a minimum:

  • A full record of CPD completed (title, date, length, summary of content, whether internal or external).

  • Your current job title and organisation, and a brief description of your current role and responsibilities (to help contextualise the CPD actions and future planning).

  • Reflective statements on CPD undertaken, its contribution to your professional development, and plans for the next year.

In return, your CPD record will be reviewed with constructive feedback provided. This will include written confirmation that the record has been reviewed. If you have any questions about CPD certification, please contact us.