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Mentoring network

The Chartered Geographer mentoring network provides a framework for support and guidance across all career stages, through the sharing of skills, ideas, networks and opportunities.

The Chartered Geographer mentoring network exists to create a framework for support and guidance. It helps ensure successful working relationships by encouraging the sharing of skills, ideas and knowledge and the opening up of contacts, networks and opportunities. It helps professionals to prepare for and maintain Chartered Geographer status and professional standards. 



Chartered Geographer mentoring is available free of charge to:

  • Individuals who have made a firm commitment to towards a CGeog application (through a registration of interest with the Society), and who are members of the Society (or of another learned society or professional body in an allied field); or

  • Current Chartered Geographers who have a specific career goal in mind for which they would like mentor support.

If you are considering an application for Chartered Geographer, contact for more advice on eligibility.

Formal Chartered Geographer mentoring is a six month programme. 


Make the most of mentoring

To get the most out of mentoring, mentors and mentees are encouraged to:

  • Treat the mentoring relationship with the respect it deserves.

  • Focus the relationship on the mentee's needs, and use the powerful skills of smart questioning, active listening, and value-added feedback to achieve the best outcomes from mentoring.

  • Keep the mentoring relationship on track, by setting regular mentor meetings, being honest and open, and not looking for quick fixes - mentoring is a long-term commitment.

  • Most importantly – enjoy the opportunity a mentoring relationship provides.


Request a mentor

It is expected that by requesting a mentor you already hold, or have made a firm commitment to applying for, Chartered Geographer accreditation. If you are seeking insight, advice and support into preparing your application, and identifying professional development opportunities and guidance that will support your career development, then mentoring may benefit you. 

To be a good mentee you are expected to: 

  • Own the relationship – book meetings, keep any notes required, bring the requisite paperwork along. Generally try and make the mentor’s job easier so they can focus on giving you advice and support.

  • Listen – be open minded, listen and be receptive to constructive feedback.

  • Respect the mentor – they are there to help you. Sometimes an honest exchange leads to the mentor and mentee deciding that they don't ‘click’.  It's better to know up front and build from this sort of understanding, rather than have it hurt the relationship. Contact the Professional Officer if you have any concerns in this regard. You can request a different mentor.

  • Progress actions – do so in a timely manner. Mentors want to invest their time and experience in mentees who own and drive their development and make this investment themselves.

  • Do your research – it’s your responsibility to know the background to the Chartered Geographer application. The role of the mentor is to support and advise you, rather than provide all the answers.

  • Ask - when in doubt, ask. The Society provides a wealth of background detail, advice and guidance on Chartership. If you have any queries, use the website to look for answers to your questions or contact the Professional Officer.

There is no point at which it is too early to start a mentoring relationship for professional development, but it will be most beneficial in the 12 to 18 months preceding an application for Chartered Geographer. Mentors are assigned on a rolling basis, with attention to sector, skills and career needs. To request a mentor, please email, attaching:


Become a Chartered Geographer mentor

Chartered Geographers who become mentors use their professional expertise, and knowledge and experience of the accreditation application process, to provide advice and mentoring. They are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience using a similar range of skills to professional coaching, by questioning, listening, clarifying and reframing. 

Most mentoring arrangements work best when the mentor is outside of the day-to-day line management relationship. That does not mean that the mentor cannot be in the same team, but it is often best to have a mentoring relationship that crosses reporting lines. As a Chartered Geographer, the Society can help you to offer mentoring opportunities across company, sector or skill boundaries.

To be a good mentor, you are encouraged to:

  • Use open questions, rather than closed. Use what, when, who, how and why?

  • Start off by defining the exact nature of the issue. Do you understand it?

  • Mentoring is a two-way process; don’t act like an interviewer.

  • As a mentor you shouldn’t be doing all the talking.

  • Discuss the options that exist for solutions to the issues.

  • Guide the mentee towards what is seen as the best option, but take care not to impose your ideas too forcefully on the mentee.

  • Agree on an action plan for the future and agree review dates, otherwise things will drift and resolutions will be forgotten. Gain commitment.

To offer your time as a mentor for Chartered Geographer, please complete the Chartered Geographer Mentor Application form and return it to


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