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Professional Code of Conduct

The Society's Professional Code of Conduct sets out the expected professional conduct and behaviour for all Chartered Geographers.

All current Chartered Geographers are expected to adopt the Society's Chartered Geographer Professional Code of Conduct.

Chartered Geographers:

  1. Demonstrate exemplary professional standards and practice.

  2. Act responsibly and ethically.

  3. Endorse equality, fairness and diversity.

  4. Review and improve practice through continuing professional development (CPD).


To achieve this, I will:

1. Demonstrate exemplary professional standards and practice

  • Apply and demonstrate my geographical knowledge, skills and understanding with diligence and to the best of my ability.

  • Not purport to be an expert in an area of geography, or any other professional discipline, in which I have insufficient ability, qualifications or experience.

  • Be accountable for my actions and decisions in my professional activity.

  • Declare any conflicts of interest that may influence my objectivity to the relevant authority.

2. Act responsibly and ethically

  • Act in a manner worthy of the honour and interests of the profession of geographer and Fellowship of the Society, do nothing that may bring either into disrepute, and encourage others to do likewise.

  • Act with honesty, objectivity and integrity, and be trustworthy.

  • Be aware of the social, economic and environmental implications of my professional activity and seek to minimise negative impacts.

3. Endorse equality, fairness and diversity

  • Treat others with dignity, being respectful of the customs, practices, culture and personal beliefs of others in the course of my professional activities, respecting and valuing alternative viewpoints.

  • Comply with equality and diversity legislation, and the Society's commitment to equal opportunities, and not discriminating or harassing others on the basis of protected characteristics or other aspects of their identity.

  • Endeavour to ensure that my professional activities do not unnecessarily injure, damage or put at risk the health, safety or welfare of any person or their property.

​4. Review and improve practice through continuing professional development (CPD)

  • Keep my knowledge, skills and understanding current and relevant, referring to the Chartered Geographer Framework of Competencies.

  • Plan CPD that supports my professional development, through a commitment to reflective practice.

  • Comply with the Society’s requirements for CPD, submitting a record of completed CPD to the Society in a timely manner each year.


This Code of Conduct was approved by the Society’s Council and took effect in December 2019.

Where the Society is informed of a suspected breach of this Code of Conduct by a Chartered Geographer, it will follow the protocol set out in Investigations of allegations and disciplinary procedure made against a Chartered Geographer for breach of the Chartered Geographer Professional Code of Conduct. A copy of this protocol may be requested from

Chartered Geographers should promptly notify the Society if they believe there has been a breach of the Chartered Geographer Professional Code of Conduct.


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