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Continuing Professional Development

CPD demonstrates your professional integrity and expertise to employers and clients, and shows that you are committed to developing your career by keeping your knowledge, skills and experience up to date. 

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an integral part of professional development and growth.

CPD is a structured and purposeful way to maintain and improve your knowledge, skills and professional qualities needed to effectively do your job and to progress professionally. It demonstrates your professional integrity and expertise to employers and clients, and shows that you are committed to developing your career by keeping your knowledge, skills and experience up to date. 

Learn more about CPD in our professional development resources which provide top tips, advice and guidance.

If you are a Chartered Geographer, or thinking about applying for accreditation, learn more about the specific requirements for CGeog CPD.


The benefits of CPD

To stay relevant, you need to keep your skills, knowledge and experience up to date, record what you learn and apply this in your work. Engaging in CPD is one way of giving structure to this process and it brings many benefits.

Learn more about the benefits of CPD for yourself and others


Choosing different types of CPD

CPD may range from formal training courses to on-the-job and self-directed learning, offering or receiving mentoring and coaching, consultancy and expert advice, writing for publication, participating in conferences, workshops, presentations and discussions, and promoting geography.

Learn more about choosing the right mix of CPD whether internal or external, and self-directed or interactive.


Using the CPD cycle effectively to develop your career​

You, with support from your employer where appropriate, are best placed to identify your learning needs and undertake appropriate CPD to maintain and develop the professional knowledge, skills and competence you need for your work. You are likely to do this through a combination of formal and informal learning opportunities, inside and outside your workplace.

The CPD cycle can help you to identify, plan complete and reflect upon the right types of CPD you need for your work.

Find out how the CPD cycle can help you develop your career

A career development plan may help you reflect, assess and plan your CPD.

Read more about how to approach this

The Chartered Geographer CPD Record template and Framework of Competencies may also support you in recording and reflecting on your CPD.


Be a better learner by reflecting on your development

A key part of learning and developing yourself professionally is thinking about what worked and how you might want to develop in the future. Your annual record of CPD should reflect on how your CPD has had an impact on your professional development and career growth. Future CPD then builds on what you have learned and achieved to date.

Learn more about how to undertake reflective practice as part of your CPD and career development


Recording your CPD

A critical element of using CPD to support your professional growth is to keep a record of the CPD you have undertaken. This is good practice at every stage of your career and is a requirement for Chartered Geographer.

To support you, we have developed a CPD record template which you may wish to use to structure your CPD record.

Your employer may also have advice about, or a structure for, professional development and learning that will support your career.

Although recording CPD may initially feel daunting, it is likely you are doing more CPD than you realise. This CPD record references the Framework of Competencies which are a core part of the assessment and maintenance of CGeog. Using these, at whatever stage of your career, may be beneficial to planning CPD.    

If you are a Chartered Geographer, please refer to forms on the Chartered Geographers CPD page.