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Membership of a professional body is likely to expect that you demonstrate and champion your professional capability, and adhere to guidelines or principles in how you do this.

The Chartered Geographer Professional Code of Conduct is based around 4 key statements:

  1. Demonstrate exemplary professional standards and practice

  2. Act responsibly and ethically

  3. Endorse equality, fairness and diversity

  4. Review and improve practice through continuing professional development (CPD)

These statements set out the professional behaviours and characteristics expected of professional geographers. Across all professions you will see similar documents stressing the importance of ethical and professional conduct.

Geographers undertake a huge variety of work so it is important you do so with awareness and consideration of your professionalism and ethics with reference to the context you are working in - your organisation, your sector, the ways in which you use geography. The decisions you make throughout your career will involve ethical and moral standards, and maintaining professional integrity is essential to becoming and being a professional geographer.

Even if you are not a Chartered Geographer, you may like to adopt the principles of its Professional Code of Conduct, because:

  • It encourages discussions on ethics and compliance with your colleagues, clients and others 

  • You are empowered to handle ethical dilemmas that may be presented in your work

  • It serves as a benchmark and reminder of the expectations of you as a geographer.

Chartered Geographer Professional Code of Conduct


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