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Geographers work in many different organisations, sectors and roles, and engage in a huge variety of CPD that is specific to their needs and aspirations. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to recall or record.

If you are required to report on your CPD to others, e.g. as part of a performance appraisal, or to apply for or maintain a professional accreditation, you may find the table below useful in thinking about the range of activities you have completed.

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It is best to try and complete a balanced range of CPD that caters for your developmental needs – a mix of opportunities that are internal and external to your organisation, and a mix of formal (usually led by others) and self-directed. Our resource on Choosing the right mix of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  explains has some more ideas too.

Why not check out our wide range of resources that support you in making the most of your Continuing Professional Development to support your career progression.

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