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Professional Geography Ambassadors

Professional Ambassadors are volunteers from a wide range of geography related jobs who offer their time, knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to bring geography to life for secondary school and university students.

Advocating for your profession is an excellent way to showcase your geographical knowledge and skills and enhance understanding of the relevance of geography in study and careers. Geographers at school, university and in the workplace can directly benefit from you professional insights and expertise. 

Ambassadors are an important resource to help school and university students to understand: 

  • The relevance of geographical topics and skills in the workplace

  • Options for choosing geography A Level, at university and apprenticeships

  • The range of career pathways and opportunities available to geographers


Why be an Ambassador?

As well as supporting the next generation of geographers, professional outreach can be a fulfilling experience and is recognised by many employers and professional accreditations, including Chartered Geographer, as a form of Continuing Professional Development


Support from the Society

Our guide for Professional Ambassadors provides ideas for finding opportunities for outreach and resources to support you: 


View the guide


Professional outreach 

There are many ways Professional Ambassadors can engage with outreach for young people. The content and duration of sessions will be determined by the type of event and student cohort.

Here are some examples of outreach work:

  • Participate in the Society’s Going Places careers event, exploring career opportunities with geography

  • Take part in Society webinars as a professional panellist

  • Visit GCSE students to talk about choosing geography at A level and future careers

  • Visit A level students to talk about choosing geography at university, geography apprenticeships and future careers

  • Attend university careers fairs to talk about your career and sector

  • Visit university students to talk about career options and how to apply for roles

  • Mentor students when applying for roles

  • Organise student visits at your place of work

  • Host students for placements and work experience


We would be happy to discuss other opportunities for partnerships between your employer and a school, for example through placements, site visits or fieldwork. We also welcome the offer of ‘real world’ problem-solving, data and other information that can be used for curriculum-specific teaching resource packs in different environments.


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