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Spatial Data Specialist Apprenticeship

A new opportunity for professional development and recognition

Geospatial applications and services have become an intrinsic part of everyday life. Geospatial applications are driving economic growth, improving public services and underpinning environmental recovery. The UK is a leader in geospatial technology and applications, with a recent government estimate that dedicated geospatial companies generate over £6 billion in annual turnover and employ over 30,000 people.

The potential of location data is enhanced by technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, which have caused disruption and opened up huge new capabilities. However, it is not just technology and more data that will fuel innovation and unlock value. To provide the environment for this vibrant sector to continue to grow, there needs to be a skilled workforce of geospatial analysts and geographic data scientists.

Working with a Trailblazer group from business and industry, led by Damien McLoud (Arup), we have been supporting the development of a level-7 integrated Masters Spatial Data Specialist Apprenticeship. This will provide the opportunity for the development and acquisition of advanced geospatial skills. We are delighted to announce that in December 2023 the new apprenticeship received ministerial approval. Universities are now working with the standard to develop new programmes. 

This apprenticeship will be of interest to employers and employees in a wide range of sectors – from engineering, construction, transport and infrastructure; to planning, housing and retail; to finance to support fuller integration of climate risks in investment decisions; to public health; to the energy sector in transitioning to net zero; and for those in emergency response or managing the environment. It is designed both for employees with a geographical background and training, who wish to progress and advance their skills while working and being supported by their employer. But also others – data scientists, engineers, scientists – interested in moving into geospatial roles.   

Employers will be able to draw on the apprenticeship levy to which they contribute to fund their employees to undertake the apprenticeship while they continue to work. For employers who want  high quality training provision which is specialised, assured, sustainable and maintains currency with developments, this new apprenticeship will provide an invaluable training programme, opening up opportunities to bring advanced geospatial expertise, insights and innovation into their business. For employees they will gain state of the art training, and on completion the Apprenticeship and a Master’s degree.

As apprenticeship providers become available we will update this page with links. 

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Spatial Data Specialist Apprenticeship

Read the apprenticeship summary, the occupational standard and details of the End Point Assessment.


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