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Information for students

Our university geography programme accreditation scheme offers recognition of undergraduate and master's degree programmes.

The knowledge, understanding, skills and approaches acquired in a geography degree are highly valued by employers. Over the last five years, geography graduates have reported low rates of unemployment six months after graduation, consistently lower than the average for all subjects (HECSU/AGCAS What do graduates do?).

Accreditation is one of the ways for a university to receive an independent check that the knowledge, skills and other attributes expected of high quality geography graduates are being delivered. During the accreditation process, the course’s content and delivery is assessed by a peer review panel of academics and professional geographers working in public and private sectors.

If you’re thinking about choosing a geography course, visit Choose Geography for advice and resources to help you find the course that’s right for you. Accreditation should not be the only factor you take into account when you are choosing a course - other factors might include the structure and content of the course, particular areas of expertise, the location of the institution, nature of support and guidance you might receive, fieldwork opportunities, and the feel of the department.

You can also use the Discover Uni data to compare courses at different institutions.

To find out if a particular programme is accredited, check our list of accredited programmes or look for our accredited course logo on the programme’s web page or brochure.



Remember: Our programme accreditation scheme is voluntary and optional. This means that some UK geography programmes are not accredited even if they meet the criteria, or they may be accredited by other organisations. There are many excellent degree programmes delivered by UK universities which do not have accreditation.