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Resources for Research Group committees

Below are a number of resources for current Research Group committee members. If you have any queries please contact directly.

Core resources

All committee members should be familiar with:


Reporting and finances

Research Group financial and annual reports should be provided to by no later than 31 October each year.

Research Group grant applications

Research Groups are invited to make applications for grants to support their activities by the deadline of 31 October each year. Additional guidance on applications is provided in the Research Group handbook.

Research Group constitutions

Research Groups considering updates to their constitutions are asked to use the following template, approved by the Research and Higher Education Committee:


Research Group executive role bursaries

One of the requirements to hold the role of Chair, Treasurer or Secretary of a Research Group is Fellowship (including Associate Fellowship) of the Society. There is also a requirement that the majority of a given Research Group committee will be Fellows of the Society. The latter is important in terms of representation and governance in the Society.

The scheme

As part of the Society’s support for Research Groups, each year funds will be available for up to five bursaries (each for one year) to cover the costs of Society Fellowship for unsalaried individuals if elected to executive roles on Research Group committees.

The process

Those who are interested in taking on a Research Group executive committee role (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer), but whose circumstances prevent them from taking up Society Fellowship, are invited to submit an expression of interest for this support, using the form below. 

The deadline for applications will be 12 August 2024. Applications will also be considered out of cycle after the Research Groups have held their AGMs.

Applications will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Those applying will be expected to have considered taking up Associate Fellowship first if they are eligible to do so (within five years of the completion of their first degree) and if their circumstances permit. The deadline for applications is expected to be in early August each year.

Expressions of interest will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the Research and Higher Education committee, comprising the Honorary Secretary for Research and Higher Education and the Research Group Representatives. The sub-committee will review and establish the eligibility of applications. If the number of eligible applications exceeds five, we will then operate a lottery to select those to receive the five bursaries. We will operate a reserve list should successful recipients not be elected or take up the role.

Successful applicants will be notified by mid-August each year. If they are subsequently elected to their chosen committee role, they will be able to draw on the bursary to submit their Fellowship application for the upcoming year.

Bursary holders will have the option in subsequent years, should it be relevant, to request additional years of support in order to complete three-year terms, by submitting a new form. However, such support cannot be guaranteed. Such applications will be included in the limit of five bursaries per year.

Where Research Groups have financial resource available, there is the option for the Research Group to fund the additional years of support to committee members who had previously received a bursary if their circumstances are appropriate. This is an exception to the general principle that committee members should not financially benefit from Research Group funds (so as to avoid any perceived or actual conflict of interest). There is no expectation from the Society that groups will choose to use their funds in this way.

Applications for bursaries in 2024 are now open. The deadline for applications is Monday 12 August 2024.

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