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Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference 2024

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Postgraduate Forum is delighted to be hosting its Mid-Term Conference 2024, which will be focused on the theme of Emerging Geographies.

The Mid-Term Conference will be hosted in-person at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Thursday, 25th and Friday, 26th April 2024.

What is the Mid-Term?

The Postgraduate Forum’s Annual Mid-Term Conference is a longstanding feature of Geography’s academic calendar, and every year attracts over one hundred postgraduates from across the UK and around the world. The Mid-Term Conference seeks to present a snapshot of the exciting and important research being undertaken by postgraduate geographers on novel topics and in diverse contexts. The Conference affords postgraduates in Geography and cognate fields the opportunity to network with peers, develop new insights, and present their research in a friendly, constructive, and informal setting.

The 2024 Mid-Term Conference will include:

  • Research presentations by postgraduate delegates
  • Introductory lecture and guided tour of the RGS-IBG
  • Keynote lectures by guest speakers
  • Engaging plenary sessions and parallel workshops
  • Networking opportunities
  • Evening reception (details TBC)

Emerging Geographies

Geography is a dynamic and lively subject, one that studies and provides answers to many of the most pressing intellectual and societal challenges of our time: environmental change, historical injustices, economic crises, natural hazards, health emergencies, and social inequalities, amongst others. As new global and local challenges constantly emerge, and as once taken-for-granted knowledges become unsettled, so too do new avenues and agendas of geographical research. Postgraduate researchers are key to advancing these emerging areas of geographical inquiry, and to envisioning and enacting new roles for the discipline in positively transforming the wider world.

This year’s Mid-Term Conference invites proposals for presentations that introduce and analyse emerging topics, trends, and challenges in geography. Presenters are invited to draw on their research activities to highlight their work’s originality, societal relevance, and/or its wider contribution to geographical knowledge or praxis. Empirical, conceptual, theoretical, and/or methodological interventions by postgraduates at any stage of their studies are welcomed.

By showcasing the novel and timely work being undertaken by postgraduate researchers, the Mid-Term will offer delegates a snapshot of contemporary academic geography, one which highlights its most exciting developments and many of its most promising and important avenues of future inquiry. The conference will invite delegates to think across the discipline’s many subfields and areas of activity to advance new questions, problems, and priorities in and for geography and geographers.

Presentations may cover, but are not limited to:

  • Emerging trends and topics in human and physical geography
  • Conceptual and theoretical advances in geography
  • Ethics and impacts of geographical research in and beyond the field
  • Novel approaches to data collection, analysis, and visualisation
  • Critical reflections on research design and methodologies
  • Dynamics of fieldwork and international travel
  • Engaging civil society and policy actors in research
  • Developments in publishing and communicating postgraduate research
  • Contemporary challenges and prospects for postgraduate geographers

Participating in the Mid-Term

Registration has now opened. Register for the Mid-Term Conference here.

Registration is open to presenting and non-presenting delegates.

The registration fee of £75 includes lunch and refreshments on both days.

Submitting your abstract to the Mid-Term

The submission portal has now closed. Non-presenting delegates are welcome to register to attend the Mid-Term here.