Need to do residential fieldwork on a tight budget? Go camping!

Teaching about coasts when you do not live anywhere near the coasts has always been an issue in the schools I have taught in; for urban studies you can look out of the window or go for a walk but there is no way to easily bring the scale, might and wonder of coastlines to students in the inner city.

Making geography come to life

How to incorporate model-making into geography.

Data Skills in Geography: Embedding throughout Key Stage 3

The training provided by the RGS-IBG Data Skills project opened my eyes to the lack of data skills embedded into our Key Stage 3 curriculum. For me, incorporating data skills into Key Stage 3 topics became a priority

Planning for Progression in Geography - an approach to Changing Places at Key Stage 3

How to prepare students for the A Level Changing Places topic from Key Stage 3 onwards.

Changing Spaces, Making Places

Using a Story Map as a resource and a revision tool

Review of the A Level NEA

One school's experience of the A Level NEA

Lunchtime lecture club

How to use the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) lectures to encourage pupils.

Global Learning

The benefits of being an International School

Taking (geography) curriculum seriously

Subject specialists, subject communities and sustaining subject expertise

The Three Magic Words

How three magic words can improve the length of students' explanations

Data Skills in Geography: Using ArcGIS Survey123 for the A Level Geography NEA

Following training provided by the RGS-IBG Data Skills Programme, we have used the free ArcGIS Online system with our year 12 A Level students (we have around 80 year 12 students) for several years but with the new specification we decided to develop student use of Survey123 to help manage the NEA Independent Investigation project.

Teacher Training: It really isn’t all bad, I assure you

Teacher training sometimes gets a bad press - this blog highlights the positives.