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We asked former participants about their experience of the summer school and this is what they said:

I have grown in confidence and my mindset, on myself and the world, has changed dramatically. I believe I have become a better person. (Jessica, 2019 participant)
All of the tutors and staff involved in the trip were so passionate about Geography which made the workshops and fieldwork really interesting and engaging. There was also a big emphasis on making the summer school about us which made me feel really involved and happier to be there. (Charlotte, 2019 participant)
Going into the summer school I'm not sure any of us thought it would have such an impact on us all as individuals and as a group. (2019 student group feedback)
The Alexander Awards summer school is one of the most amazing opportunities for young people who are curious about the world around them and have a passion for geography. It shows them so much in a week and introduces them to areas they do not get the opportunity to look at normally. All of this while building their confidence, and encouraging them to ask questions, and grow as individuals. (Cal, Geography Ambassador volunteer staff)
I never expected to learn and understand as much as I did. We did so much within the time we had and everything was presented so effectively. The connections we have made as a team were so powerful. (2018 participant)