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Schools: Request an Ambassador

The Geography Ambassador scheme is our highly recommended classroom support programme. When surveyed, 99% of all teachers who have had an Ambassador in their classroom said they would happily recommend an Ambassador to a colleague in the future.

We are sorry to say that currently we have limited staff capacity to work on the Geography Ambassadors Programme and we will have a short pause in activity. This means that for the coming few months, unfortunately we will not be able to facilitate Geography Ambassador visits or train any new Geography Ambassadors.

In the meantime, there are still ways that you can be supported with #Choosegeography work around careers and further study, and there are some opportunities for your pupils to experience Geography Ambassador session, albeit indirectly.

Alternative Geography Ambassador sessions

  • Many universities run their own Ambassador or volunteer schemes. Others also have extremely active widening participation programmes that cover a range of activities. It’s worth checking out what your nearest university offer, as you may find that they are able to provide a student to run Ambassador type activities with your students (some resources they could use are mentioned below). If you need advice on who to contact at a university, please contact our colleagues in the Research and Higher Education Division.

  • Some older visit requests have already been advertised to our Geography Ambassadors. You may find that a Geography Ambassador contacts you about an older request, in which case we encourage you to take the opportunity for them to run sessions for you. If this does happen, please let us know so we can send out pencils and log the activity.

  • Your student alumni may be willing to return to your school to talk to your students. Many of our Geography Ambassadors have done this with their old schools, so we would recommend reaching out to your geography alumni to see if they might return to share their experiences with the next generation of geographers.

  • Don’t forget to consider professional geographers (those in the workplace) – you may have parents/guardians or some of your own contacts who have interesting geographical jobs. Why not see if they will come and talk to your students?

Careers and Choose Geography materials

  • Choose Geography activities: We have produced a range of Choose Geography activities which can be used by anyone coming into your classroom to talk about the benefits of studying geography and why it is a great choice and can adapted to suit particular themes or age groups. These are great for giving ideas to your alumni students who may wish to visit your classroom and enthuse your students – you could also use a selection of them to run your own Geography Ambassador-type visit.

  • I am a Geographer: We have a range of interviews with people in geographical jobs available on our website – these could be used to embed pieces of careers education into your teaching or to enhance your own knowledge of what jobs geographers do

  • Careers resources: We have a selection of careers materials on our website – these contain ideas and activities and can help you to develop your own careers and progression sessions in lieu of an Ambassador

  • Study Geography guide: This helpful guide talks to students about studying geography at university

Careers and progression events

  • A Level Study Day: Our A level study day will run as normal in late November. Details will be released in September and will be available in our events section

  • Choose Geography events: Our Choose Geography events series continues - take a look at our website for details of upcoming events - see events

  • You might also be interested in the recording of this session, What Do Geographers Actually Do? This features five geography professionals from under-represented backgrounds talking about their careers - See links to worksheets that can be downloaded to the right.

Further details will be posted here in due course once we are back up to full capacity. Thank you for your support!