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The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), in partnership with BBC Radio Four, presents 39 ideas to relieve the stress that climate change is exerting on the planet. On this page you will find free teaching resources to accompany the radio series. Catch up with the podcasts via the BBC website by clicking Episodes.

More Power from the Sun

Solar electricity is clean but the cells we see on our rooftops could be much more efficient

A person holding up a component from a solar panel

Super rice

Super rice is a solution to tackling climate change and the dilemma of a growing population

A woman standing in a rice paddy, collecting rice

Robots of the wind

As of 2020, the UK has more installed offshore wind capacity than any other country in the world

A robot contraption attached to a sheet of metal with suckers

Siberian rewilding

How trees and fluffy snow are the bad guys when it comes to climate change in Siberia

A reindeer

Sublime seagrass

Can underwater seagrass meadows make a comeback to reduce our carbon?

Tom Heap sitting on a bed of seagrass, wearing a wetsuit and snorkel set


There's a lot of carbon locked up in the peatlands of Britain and Ireland. Can we keep it there and even return drained bogs to life, sucking more carbon dioxide from the air?

Cotton plants growing in a watery bog area

Chilling food

Improving ‘the cold chain’, quickening food transportation and developing new technologies to move food from farm to table are all critical to tackling climate change

A man pushing a cart loaded with pomegranates

Steel without the fossil fuels

Steel is an extraordinarily strong alloy of iron and carbon which ‘makes much of the skeleton of our world today’. However, it accounts for a large chunk of our global carbon dioxide emissions. To combat this a new joint venture in Sweden might pave the way for green steel in the future

A blast furnace glowing orange with the extreme heat it is producing

Zero carbon farm

Can British farmers transform themselves into carbon-cutting heroes?

A tractor pulling a plogh through a field

Cutting the Cow Burps

There is over a billion head of cattle throughout the world, with each cow emitting methane equivalent to around 1 tonne of carbon dioxide per year

The Chill Hunters

Refrigerators are increasingly the focus of environmental attention due to the fearsomely potent greenhouse gas they use

A dark room with an open fridge, so the light of the firdge is all you can see. The fridge has food and bottles in it

Swiss Air

Giant fans are sucking in fresh air from the Swiss Alps and Iceland's frozen interior, capturing carbon dioxide and removing it from the atmosphere

Climeworks Direct Air Capture Plant In Hinwil

Insulate the nation

A building site showing a peice of building being lifted on a crane

Magical rockdust

Discover how sprinkling rockdust on farm fields could capture carbon

A tractor ploughing a field with a rural scene in the distance

Hydrogen revolution

It could be the fuel of the future- for homes and for heavy machinery

A JCB digger next to a hydrogen fuel cell

Slippery ships

An aerial view of ships at a dockyard with green cranes ready to load them up with containers

Better batteries

Batteries are powering the electric car revolution, but can we make them last longer?

A person handling a large electric battery

39 ways to save the planet

Find out more about the episodes and read additional comments by some of the specialists advising on the series

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