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It is probably fair to say that there have never been so many opportunities for pupils to play an active rather than a passive part in Geography at KS3 and beyond. The benefits of active participation are obvious in the sense that it leads to greater engagement in lessons, improved learning and more enjoyment of the subject. If geography at KS3 is to be real, relevant and topical, then active participation is one of the ways to achieve this vital aim. For those geography departments looking to work with colleagues in other departments in a meaningful way, then many of the active participation projects provide the ideal vehicle for successful cross-curricular work.

It is probably also fair to say that many teachers remain blissfully unaware of the plethora of opportunities that exist for active participation and before such activities can be tied in with schemes of work, lunchtime/after school clubs, etc., a little research will need to be done. The following section outlines some ideas, in no particular order, that you may find useful as you start along this path.

Funded by the DfE funded Action Plan for Geography.


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