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Alex Steffen is cofounder and executive editor of

Part blog and part eco-activist street team, serves as a clearinghouse of information and inspiration dedicated to increasing sustainability and livability into the 21st century, emphasizing solutions over problems.

Steffen was an environmental journalist in Seattle when he realized that the tools and methods for improving society’s ecological profile by and large already exist — they just need better PR. Steffen and friend Jamais Cascio co-founded to provide that PR, linking to and posting stories by dozens of contributors around the world on everything from consumer activism and sustainable farming to alternative energy and green building projects, to technology, globalization, and human rights.

World Changing, a sprawling 600-page collection of content from the website combined with new material, was published in 2006 to wide acclaim. Since then, cities across the globe have been exposed to new ideas for a more sustainable existence; in early 2010, following a series of talks by Steffen, Seattle adopted the official goal of transforming itself into the first carbon-neutral city by 2030.