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This selection of teaching activities have been developed as part of the Society's Geography Ambassador Programme.

These #ChooseGeography activities aim to provide inspiration and context to students who may be considering studying geography at the next educational stage, be that GCSE, A Level or beyond. The activities highlight the skills that geographers develop and use, the wide range of themes and issues that are covered by the study of geography, and the types of careers that geographers can be found in.

These activities could be used by:

  • Teachers who wish to embed short activities into their schemes of work to highlight career pathways and encourage uptake.

  • Teachers who wish to run longer Choose Geography or careers focused lessons, as a selection of these activities could be used to cover a full lesson worth of material.

  • Undergraduate or Professional Ambassadors, who can visit your school to run sessions for your students.

  • Any teacher, student or professional who is running a careers session or talking about why they have studied geography, including careers fairs, options evenings, geography clubs.

These activities can be used to cover a 'Why I love geography' / 'Why study geography' theme, looking at the wide range of topics and themes that geography covers, as well as being adapted to focus on a specific topic or career genre.