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Set up Time: 5 minutes
Activity time: 15 minutes

Aims of activity
Getting students to understand the sheer breadth of geography that takes place daily on a local/ international level.

Key messages
Geography is always happening around us. 
That students can find good examples of geography at both the international but also the local level and that this is just as important. 
That Geography shapes the way we interact with the world, and our need for geographers to help us chart through the problems is essential.
That the world landscape is changing to reflect how the big issues are starting to manipulate the way we interact with the world

Students are asked to explore various news outlets to find an article that talks about geography they’ve learnt in the classroom or internationally. 

You would explain to students the importance of news, and making sure students are critical of the where they get their information from. 

You will ask students to work in small groups to find an article that is geographical, and they have to be able to explain how it links to geography to the rest of the class. You could assign points to the articles that are harder to link.

Materials Required
Mobile Phone Access/ Classroom Laptops
Newspapers or magazines 
Series of Geography in the news headlines / specific articles taken from regular newspapers
Selection of photos (Stock) or Unsplash/ Pixabay
Example articles in the downloads box

Adaptation 1: Get students to work individually and be prepared to talk about it with you at the top of the classroom.
Adaptation 2: Bit like Articulate, ignore key search terms, like environment, climate change etc.
Adaptation 3: Use images rather than newspaper articles


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