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a residential area where flood water has risen; the flood water is almost reaching the downstairs floor windows and a white car is almost fully submerged.

Set up Time: 5 minutes
Activity time: 15 minutes

Aims of activity
To get the whole class involved in being able to identify geographical features, themes and connections from a single image. This task draws upon their ability to pinpoint geography in a particular scenario and analyze evidence placed in front of them to form and answer geographical questions.

Key messages
Students should be able to draw out key geographical features from the image and work together to identify as many as possible. Students should be able to identify links to multiple geographical themes from one image.

Students will be presented with one image on a smartboard or on paper and asked to contribute one word/geographical phrase to the image, trying to be different from the ones before. These answers could be annotated around an image on a smartboard or on the paper.

Students could be asked to work as a team or class to find all the links in one image, or several different images could be available for students to choose and annotate individually (a good way to reinforce and assess understanding of a topic too).

Images used could be linked to a specific topic or could be more generic to show the wide range of links and connections that geography as a subject has. Careers could also be included here.

Materials Required
A series of different images that are license free from websites such as Unsplash or Pixabay.

You could do this anonymously using an online message board. You could also get groups to challenge or explain certain points to really cement understanding.


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