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An aerial view over Blackpool beach at dusk

Days out

Where will we holiday in the future?

As the UK gets warmer, where will we go on holiday in the future?

This could be good news for coastal resorts, especially in northern England.

Download the temperature maps 

Look at the temperature change in north-west England. What will be the increase in temperature?

How do you think Blackpool will change by 2050? Here's an activity to get you thinking about how Blackpool may change.

Download Destination Blackpool

Where do you go on holiday now?

Using the Office for National Statistics website, find out the amount of people from the UK that have visited the highlighted countries on the map to to find the current most popular European holiday destinations from the UK.

Have you been to any other European countries? Find out how many people have visited those countries as well. Which are the most popular countries?

Create a survey sheet based on the number of tourists visiting each country. You can add to your survey by finding out where your friends and family have been on holiday. Think how this may change as the climate changes in 2050.

Why is Blackpool more popular than Benidorm?

It is 2050 and Blackpool is a more popular holiday destination than Benidorm!

Why has this happened? Find out why the Carbon family decide to go to Blackpool instead of Benidorm.

Your teacher will give you further instructions. Download the mystery cards 

Blackpool versus Benidorm

You are going to sell either Blackpool or Benidorm as a holiday destination in 2050 to residents in the UK, who have not yet booked their holiday.

In groups create a Powerpoint presentation promoting Blackpool or Benidorm as an ideal holiday destination in 2050. Remember to keep those CO2 emissions as low as you can. Research information, images and slogans that you can use to promote your resort as the holiday destination.

You need to persuade people to go to your resort. Think about:

  • the reasons why people go on holiday

  • how will people travel

  • where they will stay and what they may eat

  • what they will do – for elderly people, young people, families with young children

  • local attractions of the area

  • the weather!

Download the powerpoint template for Blackpool 
Download the powerpoint template for Benidorm

Try out your presentation on your class.

  • Whose presentation was the most persuasive?

  • What were the reasons that made them choose Blackpool or Benidorm?

  • Did the weather have an important role?

Do not forget to save your Powerpoints!

Find out more:

  • Download information about Blackpool 

  • Download information about Benidorm 


Official Blackpool tourism website

BBC Lancashire website with information about what’s on and news on Blackpool’s plans for regeneration


Official Spanish tourism website

Guide for tourists to Benidorm

Blackpool 2050 and beyond

As more people may visit Blackpool by 2050, what do you think the impact will be on the place? Imagine you are a resident in Blackpool in 2050, write a web blog – an online diary - of your holiday. How would you feel about the number of visitors? Will it be good for the economy? Will there be visitors all the year round? What about the extra demand on resources and services in the area? Remember to include what the weather is like for the month!

Download a web blog template

You can type into the Word file (and add images if you want), or just print it out and write by hand.

  • How will resorts have to change to accommodate all the potential new visitors?

  • What are the sustainable ways in which Blackpool could develop as a major tourist destination?

  • How will new developments impact on the local community and the increased pressure on resources such as water?

  • Will tourism still be booming in Blackpool in 2150?

  • What about the effects of further temperature increase and sea level increase on the future of beach holidays in the UK?

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