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Dorset coastal processes fieldwork

The Jurassic Coast fieldwork resources provide background information, risk assessments, resources and ideas for a range of sites in East Dorset. Each site is different, enabling students to investigate a range of coastal processes over a relatively small stretch of coastline. GCSE, AS/A2.

Swanage coastal management

The town of Swanage has a history of coastal management schemes initiated since the 19th Century. This resource includes worksheets for students to undertake a bi-polar survey of the effectiveness of the coastal defences, ideas for role play activities, newspaper extracts and photos. GCSE, AS/A2.

Studland sand dune investigation

The Studland sand dunes provide an opportunity to study dune profiles and vegetation succession across a psammosere, alongside an investigation into how this fragile ecosystem is managed. The resource includes worksheets, photos, background information and a risk assessment. AS/A2.

Coastal fieldwork mystery

A fieldwork mystery is a good way to structure an investigation, motivating and engaging students. This mystery focuses on how coastal processes (and climate change) will affect the town of Lyme Regis over the next fifty years. The resource includes historical photos, worksheets, maps and a video clip, plus ideas for embedding and adapting the study. Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3.

Coastal taboo activity

The coastal taboo activity is a fun way to engage students in describing and explaining key coastal processes and landforms. It follows the rules of the board game: you have to get your team mates to guess the key word on your card but you're not allowed to use certain words, also listed. This resource provides a few cards to get you started. AS/A2 (but can be adapted for other age groups).