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UK society is made up of many ethnicities, cultures, languages and religions, and it is constantly evolving. The UK has a rich heritage of cultural and ethnic diversity, stretching back over many centuries. However, so many of the people we talked to discussed the complexity of the world we live in and the many identities that children inhabit. There is a moral imperative to address issues of disparity and commonality and how we live together. It is crucial that all children and young people, through both the formal and informal curricula in schools, have a real understanding

The secondary curriculum offers geography teachers, for the first time for many years, a degree of flexibility in both content and approach. The Diversity and Citizenship Review recommended that "All schools should be encouraged to audit their curriculum to establish what they currently teach that is meaningful for all pupils in relation to diversity and multiple identities."

Funded by the DfE funded Action Plan for Geography.


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