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Discovering Antarctica is an education resource for schools, developed by the Royal Geographical Society with IBG, in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The sections covered in the resource include:

Introducing Antarctica

  • Imagining Antarctica

  • What, where, why?

Oceans, atmosphere and landscape

  • A changing climate

  • Glaciation

  • Ice, land and sea

  • Atmosphere, weather and climate

Ecosystems and foodwebs

  • Beneath the waves

  • Ecosystems

Science and exploration

  • Journey South

  • Living in Antarctica today

  • Pole to Pole

  • Collect Antarctic data

  • Understanding Antarctica

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


  • Destination Antarctica


  • Antarctica under pressure

  • Sustainability

  • What future for Antarctica?

Climate change

  • Evidence of change
  • Impacts of climate change

How is Antarctica governed?

  • The Antarctic Treaty

  • Geopolitics of Antarctica