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School grounds ecosystems study

This resource  investigates the soils, vegetation and microclimate of the school grounds to decide on the best site for a vegetable garden. It also includes an option to link the local to the global by using the findings of the study to map out a series of educational biome zones in the grounds, a small scale Eden Project. The resource includes everything you need to set up this activity with your students. Key Stage 3.

Studland sand dune investigation

The Studland sand dunes provide an opportunity to study dune profiles and vegetation succession across a psammosere, alongside an investigation into how this fragile ecosystem is managed. The resource includes worksheets, photos, background information and a risk assessment. AS/A2.

Organic farming

A teacher from a school in London describes a trip she organised for a group of Year 8 students to study changes in agricultural practice and the impact of farming on the environment (Download from below). The resource includes a guide to the activities, ideas for embedding the fieldwork, and a template for students' work. Key Stage 3.

Local fieldwork - Woodland ecosystems

Woodlands fieldwork (Download from below) can add value to a range of topics including tourism and leisure, National Parks, woodland management and ecosystems.


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Ecosystems Impact of Farming on the Environment


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