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An environmental survey of the school grounds

This activity, written by a geography AST in Bristol, encourages students to create their own criteria for environmental quality surveys in the school grounds. They investigate the question, "Which outdoor space in the school grounds is the best place to be in, and which is the worst?", plot and analyse their findings, and consider ways in which the grounds could be improved. Resources for the activities are included. Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3.

Designing a sustainable garden for the school grounds

This activity, included within the list of ideas for school grounds fieldwork, engages students in designing a sustainable garden for the school grounds. Students research and make decisions on possible sites and features, and create an annotated map of their plans. Worksheets and further information are included in this resource. Key Stage 3.

Lichens as indicators of air pollution

This activity, undertaken at two contrasting sites in the local area, uses the presence of different species of lichen on trees or walls to draw conclusions about the levels of air pollution at each site. This resource includes everything you need to set up this activity with your students, except for species identification charts, which you will need to order in advance from the Field Studies Council. Key Stage 3/GCSE.

Local fieldwork - limestone landscapes

Limestone landscapes fieldwork (Download from below) develops students' knowledge and understanding of the patterns and processes associated with massive limestone landscapes such as Cheddar Gorge. Students could look at the impact of quarrying on the local community, the use of limestone areas as tourist attractions, and the management and conservation of areas of limestone features and quarrying sites (old and current).


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