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Apprenticeships are a great opportunity to gain practical skills in the workplace whilst studying at the same time. Most of your time is spent doing on-the-job training, and the rest is spent working towards a qualification. You’ll get paid a salary and be part of a team, just like a standard employee, but you’ll also get dedicated study time throughout the week. Some people choose to undertake an apprenticeship instead of going to university.

Head to our Choose Geography pages to find out more about apprenticeships using geography.

The link above takes you to a section of the website that answers the following questions:

  • What is an apprenticeship?

  • What are the different types of apprenticeship?

  • How long do apprenticeships last?

  • Who can apply for an apprenticeship?

  • How do you choose an apprenticeship?

  • How do you apply for an apprenticeship?

  • How can I use geography in an apprenticeship?

  • Why might you consider undertaking an apprenticeship instead of going to university?

Further resources to support teachers to explore apprenticeship options with their students will be available in due course.