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During lockdown for Covid-19, we collated a list of useful resources for parents and teachers to use during the teaching and learning of geography at home, and ran online events, training and lessons. This page provides an overview of the Society's support and resources, and highlights other online geography-related learning opportunities that you might find useful.

You can find out about new resources and events via our Twitter @RGS_IBGschools. You can also find more resources on Twitter using #geographyathome

You can sign up to our primary or secondary mailing lists to receive emails about new resources and support.

Support and resources from the Society

  • Podcasts focusing on topics from wildfires, weather and the high street to plate tectonics, cities and the carbon cycle. These are perfect for your students to listen to current geographical themes and keep up to date with their subject knowledge.

  • A wide range of articles and case studies based on geography in the news - these link directly to specification content and can help your students to read around topics presented in your online lessons.

  • Our catalogue of online lectures by leading geographical experts for you and your students to watch, some of which are supported by resources that can be used to teach a lesson based on the lecture.

  • You might like to encourage your students to think about geographical fieldwork within their home space. We have selection of ideas for school grounds fieldwork which could be adapted, plus ideas for creating your own fieldwork equipment at home.

  • Use this opportunity to get to grips with GIS and pre-plan some lesson content to use with your students. We have a range of support for GIS, plus some information about using data sets.

  • Our news roundup will help students stay aware of geographical stories in the press.

  • Why not think about how you are presenting careers with geography to your students? We have a wealth of careers resources; this is an ideal time to show students how geography works in the real world.

  • Our animations and interactives explain geographical processes and concepts in a visual way - excellent for getting parents to get to grips with the concepts your students are learning about at home.

  • Our resource modules span Key Stages Two to Five and are perfect for getting students to work through at home with their parents - they provide background information about the topic, lesson plans and all the resources needed to teach up to six lessons.

  • Remember to check our events pages for students and teachers for details of online event opportunities.

  • Discovering Antarctica / Discovering the Arctic / Discovering Galapagos / Discovering Britain.

  • Explore the Society's film collection on BFI Player.

  • Geography at Home worksheets and ideas for teachers

  • Check out our brand new Geography Directions schools enrichment resource portal. Our Geography Directions blog applies geographical insights to better understand and explain contemporary issues. Each blog post is written by a relevant expert geographer and many draw directly on the latest research, as published in the RGS-IBG journals, book series, and beyond. This schools enrichment resource portal filters this content into easily accessible streams, based on topic areas at A-Level and GCSE, which can be used by teachers to enhance their knowledge, or shared with their students as part of their course materials and to provide stimulus for their NEAs.

Support and resources from partners and other providers


Please note that the Society cannot be held responsible for the content of external online support and resources that are listed here.