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Durdle Door, an arch landscape formation, shows an arch in the rocks at the end of a small coastal sandy bay. The sun is low in the sky casting a soft light onto the rocks and the sea, which is very calm

A Jurassic Coast mystery

Why might you think twice about retiring to Lyme Regis in 50 years time

This fieldwork mystery for Key Stage 3 focuses on the future of the town of Lyme Regis, Dorset. Visiting three locations in the town and drawing on their knowledge of coastal processes and management, students use historical and current evidence to predict future changes in the town. What problems will the residents face in 50 years time? The activity is subdivided into a study of housing, accessibility and the effectiveness of the coastal defences. Originally developed as a one hour workshop for the 2007 Lyme Regis Fossil Festival, this activity can be easily adapted to suit other time frames or locations.

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A Jurassic Coast Mystery Introduction


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A Jurassic Coast Mystery Work Booklet


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A Jurassic Coast Mystery Location Map


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A Jurassic Coast Mystery Photo Resources


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A Jurassic Coast Mystery Bonus Questions


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A Jurassic Coast Mystery Bonus Answer Sheet


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A Jurassic Coast Mystery Risk Assessment


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