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The build up to the Olympics in 2012 to be hosted in London should provide an excellent hook to engage Key Stage 3 students with many geographical themes on a range of scales. From personal geographies of how young people regard the Olympics in relation to their own sporting avtivites and the spaces they frequent for exercise and sport, through to social, economic and environmental regeneration at a local, regional and national scale and the role of the Games in selling London the place as a World City and the increasing interdependence of the local, regional, and national on this global scale. 

The module begins at personal scale and asks students to consider what the Games means to them in respect of the fact that the vision of the 2012 at the bid was 'A games for the youth of the World?' Personal geographies of how the Games might or might not achieve the vision of inspiring or benefiting them are explored and discussion around inclusion can be developed. Zooming out to the local scale students consider how the area of East London where most of the activity will take place will change and how this changing environment might influence place and quality of life for local residents and the degree to which local residents can influence change.  

Environmental Interaction and sustainable development at the regional scale is explored through plans for a ‘green games’ and the impact of further development in the region. Big sporting events such as the Olympics or other leisure and recreation projects are often achieve a positive multiplier effect driving of economic development at a national scale through infrastructure improvements and inward investment.

Finally this module returns to the question of sustainability and selling London on the world stage although will attract numerous benefits raises questions about the sustainable growth of the capital for the future.  


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London 2012 Factsheet: Urban Regeneration in East London


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