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The velodrome in Stratford, London

Selling a sustainable World City?

This lesson focuses on the use of the Games to promote London as World City

Key questions

Why brand London 2012?

Why is London attractive to multinational companies?

Can London be a sustainable World City?

Why brand London 2012? 

“The Olympics is not just a two week sporting spectacular. This is in fact, the last thing it is. We can be more imaginative than that. The Olympics can be a catalyst for the city which will be its host”  Tony Blair.

"The Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are not only a showcase of sporting excellence but also a celebration of different cultures. So what better place to host the competition than in one of the most multicultural cities in the world?

"In London there are more than 50 ethnic communities of 10,000 or more people. More than 70 different national cuisines are available and an incredible 300 different languages are spoken - every nation competing in the Olympic Games would find a warm welcome in their mother tongue." Mayor of London.

Why is London attractive to multinational companies?

London is the most populous city in the European Union with 7.5 million people as of mid 2006. This population is extremely diverse, speaking over 300 different languages. It is an international transport hub serving the world through its busy airports. London is currently the world’s largest financial centre. London’s main success is as a service industry and business centre. Helping it in business over and above many other world cities is the English language and close and historical relationships with the USA and Asia. Its multi-cultural infrastructure and relatively low taxation are attractive to overseas workers and good transport links and a deregulated economy all contribute to a business friendly environment that is attractive to multinational companies.

Can London be a sustainable World City?

According to the mayor, London's population by 2016 is projected to reach 8.1 million, an increase of 700,000, equal to a city the size of Leeds. The driver of this unprecedented new social development is London's role as a world city, comparable only with New York and Tokyo in the scale of its involvement in world capital markets. London's growth, unique in the UK, is the root cause of many of its chronic problems - congestion, high prices, pollution, and a deep and growing polarisation between rich and poor. London is one of the world's wealthiest and most vibrant economies, but includes some of the country's poorest communities, 43% of London's children live in households below the poverty line. The mayor's strategies seek to secure the large-scale infrastructure investment in transport, housing and services which can sustain the growth, but redress the shortages, spiralling prices, threats to the environment and social inequality which this growth has produced or exacerbated. Perhaps the Olympics is just what he has been looking for.  



Look at the logos from the Olympic Games over the years:

  • Why do the Games need a logo?

  • What kinds of things do you own that have logos?

  • Why is a logo an important part of selling the Games and selling London?

Main Activity

Newsflash - Multinationals locate in London

Use Multinationals locate in London - complete the sentence to explain why multinationals would locate in London.

  • Write a news flash for ITV’s London Tonight explaining why multinationals have moved to London. Start by saying, who, what, when, why and where

  • How could the Olympics buzz, and the investment in transport and infrastructure for the Games attract more industry and business to London?

A Multinational or Trans national company (TNC) is a company that has branches in at least two or more countries around the world.

Tertiary industry is industry that provides a service like financial services or being a lawyer.

Main Activity

Olly Pickering is an advertising executive for London 2012.

He wants you to design an advert to appear in the New York Times during the Olympics to attract a multinational to London.

Your advert should use the buzz around the Olympics to tell US business why they should locate in London.

Remember to include information about why London is a good location for business.

Think of a clear message and slogan for your advert. This should make it clear how the Olympics positive for London such as:

  • London, the place for business to be

Download Olly's Advert brief.

Main Activity

How big is big enough?

London is a city of 7.5 million people. It is a major international business centre.

What problems could additional growth of the capital as a business centre plus the visitors to the games cause? Type your ideas in the How big is big enough grid.


Getting the branding right for the Olympics is important. What do you think of the 2012 Logo? 

Do you think you could do better?  Design your own Olympics 2012 logo.

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