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This video explores the complex drivers of migration and that migration is often the result of multiple factors.

Key questions

  • What are the social, economic, political causes, processes and implications for migration?

  • What are the issues associated with these flows?

  • Why is migration an increasingly complex issue?

Key ideas

  • Patterns of international and internal migration reflects environmental, economic and political events around the world.

  • The decision to move and migrate to a new place is multi-causal. This means that it often the result of multiple factors working together.

  • The process of migration not only impacts the place where migrants settle, but also the places that people have left behind. 

Everyday life on the move

Migration and urbanisation are global processes that impact local places and people. The Migrants on the margins team worked with PositiveNegatives to produce educational comic books that show human stories of migration from the four cities. The comics represent an illustrated life history of four people whose real life stories reflect how migration from rural to urban space impacts the individual and the community. 

Find out more about PositiveNegatives

Listen to Project Manager Elettra Pellanda discuss the research methods and production of the comics below. 


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