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The Plastic Citizen Project is part of the wider University of Hull Plastics Collaboratory and is based within the School of Education’s Faculty of Arts, Culture and Education.

Principal Investigator Professor Kevin Burden and his team – Professor Rudi Wurzel, Dr Charlotte Dean and Dr Fiona James have developed the project with the aim of engaging young people in exploring their perceptions of and researching what they feel are the key issues in the plastics circular economy.

The project involves working with groups of young people in schools and youth groups, in and around the city of Hull to encourage them to look at how they and the world around them interacts with single use plastics, what single-use plastic they use themselves, what they are made of, how some can be harmful and some really useful - we really aim to encourage the young people to develop a critical inquiry approach to how plastics are viewed, used and disposed of in our society. 

Download the project document to find out more and discover activities that you can undertake with your students.

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