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Management of the Lulworth Cove honey-pot site

Lulworth Cove is a significant honey-pot for visitors to the Dorset coast. In this investigation, students study the potential conflicts between different users of the site and the management strategies that have been adopted to reduce these conflicts. This resource includes background information, worksheets, a risk assessment and curriculum links. Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5.

Beatrix Potter literary tourism in the Lake District

This investigation studies the positive and negative impacts of literary tourism in the area surrounding Beatrix Potter's former home in the Lake District. Students design their own semi-structured interviews as part of the investigation. This resource includes worksheets, a risk assessment and an overview of the activity. AS/A2.

The impact of tourism on the local community in Swanage

This investigation studies the impact of tourism on the social infrastructure and cohesion, economy and environment of a rural town. It also addresses the impact that second (holiday) homes in the town have on house prices. The resource includes worksheets, a PowerPoint presentation and ideas for activities. GCSE, AS/A2.

Local fieldwork - Tourism

Tourism (Download from below) is a popular option for many pupils and it has the potential to be combined with and enhance existing fieldwork opportunities. It is relatively straightforward to plan and manage and there are many seaside locations that would serve as a good example.


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Tourism in a Seaside Resort


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