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Clone town surveys

This investigation studies the extent to which a town or city is a ‘clone' is similar to other locations in the UK. Part of the investigation uses 2021 census data to compare criteria such as housing type, levels of crime and standard of living. Students also have the opportunity to study indices of deprivation, life expectancy and ethnic diversity in their local area. Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5.

Mapping mobile phone reception

In this activity, students use their mobile phones to record the strength of reception in different parts of the local area or an unfamiliar location. They use 2021 census data to compare their findings with patterns of population density and the sites of mobile phone masts, linking to a study of supply and demand. Key Stage 3.

Urban deprivation

Canning Town is in the top 5% most deprived areas in the UK. In this study, students use census data and a social survey carried out by academics at Queen Mary University of London alongside their fieldwork to investigate the social, economic and environmental characteristics of this area and make suggestions for how an urban regeneration programme could be designed to benefit the local community. GCSE, AS/A2.