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A Hackney based primary school involved the RGS-IBG archive in its cross curricular theme based on maps. Such creative partnerships are becoming increasingly common and highlight the unique resources available at archive institutions. This project focused on history, geography and art and concentrated on the You are here theme based upon inspiration provided by maps. The cross curricular maps plan details the possibilities afforded by maps across the primary subject spectrum.

Further to the success of workshops with a year four and year six class from the school, a case study detailing the learning intentions and outcomes of the project was developed in addition to learning resources for use by teachers in schools. The workshop conducted with the year four class focused on developing geographical and literacy skills through work on Spain whereas the workshop conducted with the year six class used images and maps in an historical re-enaction of preparing for the D-Day landings.

Researched and written by Rachel Bowles.


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Cross Curricular maps case study


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Cross curricular maps plan


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Images and maps - World War II Role Play


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Maps across the curriculum


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Maps Old and New


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Spanish Maps and pictures


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Spanish Poem Instructions


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Word bank


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Writing frame


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