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It is well known that geographers save the world, but what is it that geographers actually do?

In this recording, we hear from 5 geography professionals speaking about their study and career paths to their jobs. You’ll hear the ways in which studying geography has given them useful skills to carry out their jobs and hear about the work and projects they engage in in their roles.

Each speaker present for approximately 5-10 minutes and then this is followed with a Q&A hosted by Shanique Harris. Questions were posed by students that joined the event live.

The optional worksheets attached you may find useful for students to use whilst watching the presentations. They are not aimed at a specific Key Stage, but may be useful for reflection. The running order is listed below for your convenience.

Feedback on the event is welcomed, so please do use the QR code displayed at the end of the recording, or the links listed below.

Student feedback:

Teacher feedback:

Please note that this video was recording in July 2023, and featured individuals may no longer be in role, but the video has been kept for career pathway and informational purposes.

Timestamped running order of the event

02:15 Bhavini – Customer Success Manager

07:09 Carlos – Senior Town Planner

15:51 Q&A with Bhavini and Carlos

28:20 Lucy – Community Safeguarding and Communications Officer

38:00 Naomi – Tech Consultant

48:34 TopTips! How to use Geography to choose your career?

53:45 Q&A with Lucy and Naomi

1:07:46 Adil – GIS Consultant

1:20:54 Q&A with Adil


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