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We support teaching in the classroom and in the field by providing high quality geographical teaching and learning resources.


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Our new website was launched on the 16 October - we hope you like it! You may find that our school resources section might not look as you normally expect it to. While all our resources have been migrated to the new website, the huge number of resources means we have not had time to edit all to fit the look and feel of the new site.

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Saving our seas with Sally Earthrowl

Sally Earthrowl is a British geographer and educator who has a wealth of experience in exploring our seas and oceans.


Flight of the Osprey – an ArcGIS activity idea

Flyways are superhighways - important flight paths which migratory birds use either for short migration or very long intercontinental journeys.

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Flight of The Osprey - a conversation with Sacha Dench aka the ‘human swan’


Carbon Colonialism: How Rich Countries Export Climate Breakdown

Carbon colonialism has been used to refer to the power imbalances in the landscape of sustainability

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Valuing Nature

A renewed awareness that we must value the natural world


'The Future of Food' poster

In collaboration with NFU


Wild Isles activity sheets

In this series Sir David Attenborough celebrates the rich variety of habitats that exist on our doorstep

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Explaining the evolution of floods in time and space - Associate Professor Dr Louise Slater

School Member Lecture, 1 March 2023

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El Niño: Phenomenon of Opportunities

Exploring the lived realities of the El Niño phenomenon in northern Peru


2021: The year of the electric car

Why electric car sales have rapidly increased in the UK, where they are being bought, and what the future market might look like

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What does rewilding mean and how can it deliver successful, sustainable protection for nature?

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Evolving a Circular Plastics Economy

Professor Pauline Deutz and Dr Charlotte Dean on Evolving a Circular Plastics Economy

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