Geography at Home Worksheets

Worksheets aimed at geography teachers looking for quick tasks or a little inspiration

Primary TeachMeet 2 March 2021 speaker presentations

Speaker presentations from our primary geography and history TeachMeet

Colouring London

Colouring London aims to collect information on every building in London, to help make the city more sustainable.

TEMPEST: extreme weather in the UK

TEMPEST is a database of historical weather extremes in the UK. Bring these stories to your classroom with our user guide. 

The United Kingdom

The aim of this unit is to develop the essential qualities and skills of young geographers through geographical knowledge and geographical enquiry relating to the physical and human environments of The United Kingdom


Pupils will learn that rivers and river systems, are dynamic; changing the landscape in visible and at times dramatic ways

Guidance and support in developing high quality primary geography

Guidance and support in developing high quality primary geography

Map skills

This six-lesson unit on map skills is designed so that one lesson will be taught in each year group from years one through six

Local fieldwork toolkit

Includes guidance for getting started with planning a trip, lists of useful contacts and ideas for activities

Global Trade

This module comprises six lessons or half a term's work, and focuses on global trade

Mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes

This module, comprising of six lessons, or half a term’s work, will focus on mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes

Exploring Shackleton’s Antarctica

The aim of the module is to develop an enquiry on the Polar region of Antarctica focusing on Shackleton’s 1914–17 Endurance Expedition

The Mediterranean

This module, comprising of six lessons takes a ‘zoom lens’ approach to studying the Mediterranean region within Europe

The United States of America

This module, comprising six lessons, or half a term’s work, will focus on the United States of America

Hong Kong: A city in Asia by the sea

This module, comprising six lessons, or half a term's work, focuses on the city of Hong Kong

Subject knowledge animation: Map skills

An overview of symbols, compass and direction, grid references, scale, contours.

Mount Everest and its ascent

Find out about the historic 1953 expedition and discover what the impact has been on the people and places of the Himalaya region.

Antarctica - extreme wilderness

In 1895, the International Geographical Congress claimed 'the exploration of the Antarctic region is the greatest piece of geographical exploration still to be undertaken'.

Kenya - A changing nation

Kenya has long been renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and its unique animal life

China - Snapshots in Time

China is a country that is rarely out of the headlines, whether for its rapid industrial growth, its politics or more recently the advent of the Beijing Olympics

India - Pictures of the Past

India has long sparked the imagination of many an explorer and adventurer, from the ancient temples and rolling heat soaked plains of the south to the chilling beauty of the Himalaya

Exploring Everest

Tales of exploration usually involve courageous explorers, but what of those people who supported them?

Weather and climate Poster

A poster to show more about key ideas and processes within the geography curriculum

Sketching and photography

Field sketching and field photography are fundamental parts of any field work investigation

Sampling techniques

Data is gathered on a small part of the whole parent population or sampling frame, and used to inform what the whole picture is like

Coasts fieldwork techniques

A range of techniques that you can use for fieldwork in coastal environments


Microclimate data can be collected in any location, including the school grounds

Rivers fieldwork techniques

This section introduces a range of techniques that you can use for fieldwork in river environments

Ecosystems fieldwork techniques

The fieldwork techniques introduced in this section are geared towards a range of different ecosystem settings, ranging from coastal sand dunes to woodlands and inland waters

Rural investigations

There is huge scope for investigating the land-use, function and issues in rural areas, and their changing identity and character

Human impact studies

Environmental impact assessments, pollution studies and more

Weather and climate resources: Key Stage Two

This section contains a selection of teaching resources that were produced by the Met Office education team for Key Stage Two (ages seven to 11)

Weather data

Find out more about weather in the UK and worldwide, plus information and data to supplement your teaching.

Urban studies ideas

Urban studies are popular locations for fieldwork, since 70% of us live in built up areas

Google Earth as a fieldwork tool

Google Earth, the free to download satellite imagery package from Google provides an excellent starting point for students to organise and present their fieldwork data

Examples of Schemes of Work - KS2 and KS3

These are a sample of schemes of work that reflect the 2014 curriculum changes

Primary Fieldwork in London

Supporting you to undertake KS2 fieldwork in London

Primary fieldwork

Supporting Fieldwork at KS1 and KS2

Quick and easy fieldwork ideas

You do not necessarily have to change your entire fieldtrip in order to bring it up to date

Inclusive Fieldwork

Five ideas for inclusive fieldwork around your school

Place profiling

Develop the way your learners see, hear and interact with the spaces they inhabit

Digimap for Schools CPD session May 2020

A recording of the 'Digimap for Schools for Primary Geography' CPD session in May 2020

Geography at Home

Resources and support from the RGS-IBG and beyond for teaching and learning #geographyathome



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