Key words

Natural resource   Some part of the physical environment that has been used to satisfy human needs and wants. Natural resources may be renewable (sustainably managed forest, wind power and solar energy) or non-renewable (fossil fuels). 

Under-development theory   A view that suggests some place are less developed than they might otherwise be on account of external interference such as colonialism and neo-colonialism.   

Resource curse theory   The view that natural resource endowment may retard rather than accelerate economic and social development for some places, on account of the role resources often play in triggering war, corruption or the neglect of other development paths. 

Megacity   A city with more than 10 million residents.

Rare earths   A collection of seventeen different chemical elements not often found in concentrated and economically exploitable forms. These natural resources are important for range of industrial processes including mobile phone manufacturing.

Human resources   The working-age people found in a place who can generate wealth with the skills and capabilities they possess.


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