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Congratulations to the 17 Society Fellows who were awarded Chartered Geographer (CGeog) status by the Society’s Council this week, bringing the number of new CGeogs this year to 60.

The latest CGeog cohort demonstrates the wide range of roles and expertise held by professionals applying geographical knowledge, skills and understanding in the workplace, and we are delighted to have approved the first CGeog (EO) in this group.

CGeog (EO) was introduced earlier this year to recognise the skills and expertise of individuals specialising in Earth Observation, and joins five other optional post-nominals applicants can apply for to recognise depth of expertise, experience and professional engagement in a specific field.

The application of geography in professional settings continues to develop and we are committed to recognising and supporting the vital roles that geographers play within their professions.

Commenting on the importance of recognising professional excellence in geography, one of our newly accredited Chartered Geographers David Henderson, Chief Geospatial Officer and Executive Director at Ordnance Survey, said:

“Geospatial information underpins our modern society and is a powerful tool for better decision-making across the globe. Geography really does matter in making the world a better place. As a strong advocate of professional development and opportunities to demonstrate competence, experience and professionalism, I am thrilled to have joined the cadre of Chartered Geographers. I would wholeheartedly encourage others who have knowledge and expertise in this sector to take up the opportunity to become a Chartered Geographer.”

Congratulations to David and all of the CGeogs approved this year. 

To find out more about the benefits of chartership for individuals and employers and to apply, visit our website


A full list of our newly accredited Chartered Geographers is below. 

Chartered Geographer

James Barker - Senior Consultant (ITS), WSP
Daniel Black - Senior Technology and Innovation Consultant, PA Consulting
Paul Marsh - Technical Director, WSP
Gandhi Subedi - Land Referencer, WSP
Neil Mcintosh - Senior Transport Planner, Arup
David Evans - Senior GIS Consultant, Mott MacDonald

Chartered Geographer (GIS)

Hannah Cullen-Gow - Geoscientist and Spatial Data Specialist, British Geological Survey
Jodie Welch - Geoscientist and Spatial Data Specialist, British Geological Survey
Fraser Lumb - GIS Consultant, Mott MacDonald
Samantha Lustado - Senior Geospatial Analyst, Arup
Florence Saunders - GIS Consultant, Mott MacDonald
Ramon Watson - GIS Supervisor, Concord Electric Systems
Joe O’Reilly - Associate GIS Analyst, SLR Consulting Ltd
Nick Waldron - GIS Consultant, Mott MacDonald
Jack Gatrell - Geospatial Analyst, Ministry of Defence

Chartered Geographer (GI)

David Henderson - Chief Geospatial Officer and Executive Director, Ordnance Survey

Chartered Geographer (EO)

Alex Hamer - Senior Earth Observation Analyst, Natural England