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An MBBI (Mindfulness Based Behavioural Insights and Decision Making) training programme was developed that informed the practices of the Welsh public sector and other UK organisations.



The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (WFGA) (2015) places a legislative requirement on public bodies in Wales to work in more collaborative ways to identify solutions to persistent problems. The WFGA presents a significant challenge to the working practices of the Welsh Public Service.



Research by geographers at the University of Aberystwyth examined the emerging impacts of the behavioural sciences on public policy. The project then focused on the development of the MBBI training programme, which evolved into an eight-week programme, combining mindfulness meditation with instruction in the behavioural sciences.



The MBBI has become a core component of the Welsh Civil Service’s Internal Change Programme. Through this programme, the MBBI has been delivered to approximately 200 civil servants and reoriented other staff development initiatives.

Adapted versions of the MBBI programme were delivered to Welsh Government staff to support them during the Covid-19 crisis.

The programme directly supported the collaborative development of the Healthier Wales national strategy.


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Institution: Aberystwyth University 

Researchers: Professor Mark Whitehead, Professor Rhys Jones, Rachel Lilley, Dr Jessica Pykett, Dr Rachel Howell


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