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Become a reviewer for the Society

Information for those interested in reviewing for the Society’s grants programme.

The success of the Society’s grants programme, in supporting the highest quality work to further geographical knowledge, is dependent on academic reviewers generously giving their time and expertise to the peer review process. The experience and up-to-date knowledge of reviewers allows the Society to identify the proposals most worthy of funding, and provides valuable feedback to help applicants develop future proposals and research.

The Society’s grants programme relies on over 30 academic reviewers each year, collectively reviewing more than 180 applications. Recognising the many demands on people’s time, we limit the number of requests for any one individual.

We are looking to increase the size and diversity of the group we call upon to review, to ensure we are receiving input from a broad range of perspectives.

Why become a reviewer?


What we offer

  • An introductory webinar to outline what we look for from a review, with a panel of experienced reviewers to give their insight and answer any questions you may have.

  • A mentor (an experienced reviewer if you are new to the process) to provide advice and answer any questions you may have.

  • Our support will be focused on early career researchers.

What we are looking for

  • Researchers and academics at all stages of their careers. Reviewers will always be a career stage beyond those applications they are reviewing.

  • Commitment to review for the Society for two years (one batch of applications each year, recognising circumstances can change).


We will ask you to review up to 10 applications in a batch each year, providing an overall assessment and 150-200 words of evaluation and feedback on each application. Each application takes the form of the Society’s standardised grants application form, a one-page CV and two references. Reviews take place between December and April. We ask for a turnaround time of four weeks (six weeks if this spans the new year period).


To express you interest in reviewing for the Society please email providing your:

  • Name, institution, position and career stage

  • Research area

  • Availability between December 2022 and April 2023

  • Interest in reviewing grants for undergraduates, postgraduates, early career researchers and teachers


All those reviewing for the Society are required to follow the Society's code of conduct and declare any conflicts of interest.