The global coronavirus pandemic has led to significant disruption to the fieldwork plans of many researchers. The Society, through its grants programme, is continuing to select and commit funding for researchers who plan to go into the field when it is safe and responsible for them to do so. These grants will only be formally awarded and funds will only be released to the recipient when full institutional approvals have been recieved and Government, FCDO and in-country guidance is clear that it is appropriate for fieldwork to take place. The Society will continue to uphold the highest health and safety and ethics protocols for the research projects it (or any of the organisations it works with) supports through the grants programme.

In 2020, with the generous support of our donors, close to £190,000 of funding was allocated to support 39 field research projects. Projects are planned to take place in 28 countries spanning five continents, and covering a range of topics, including constraining river erosion rates and long-term evolution of volcanic island landscapes in the Azores and Madeira archipelagos, investigating the placed-based geography of climate perception and its impacts on migration in Cambodia, and an interdisciplinary study of grazing pressure in the Dhofar Mountains of Oman.

Grants are available for desk-based research, fieldwork and expeditions, developing teaching resources, and for international conference attendence. For enquiries, please contact 


Expedition grants

Our independent travel grants support challenging and inspiring geographical journeys and expeditions all over the world.

Research grants

We support a range of field and desk-based research projects, from established researchers undertaking cutting edge fieldwork to early career academics working on smaller projects.

Student grants

Every year we support over 40 student fieldwork projects, from PhD students collecting data for their dissertation to groups of undergraduates looking to get out into the field for the first time.

Teacher grants

Grants to support secondary school fieldwork and expeditions, and innovation in teaching geography at secondary and higher education level.

Projects supported

Projects we support cover a range of geographical topics, from volcano monitoring, to adaptations to climate change, to farmers' rights issues.

Advice and resources

Guidance and resources for applicants and recipients.

Grants programme supporters

We have a range of donors who have supported the grants programme this year, and in past years.

Grants programme reviewers

The expertise of external screeners allows us to review hundreds of grant applications every year.