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Be Inspired: Fighting the evils of the Nile slave trade in Victorian times - David Baker

A story of courage, compassion and endurance. In 1869 the explorer Sir Samuel Baker FRGS was commissioned by the Khedive of Egypt, “To supress the slave trade”.

Smart and sustainable cities in the era of big data - Dr Philip James

Spatial big data, generated from in-situ sensors, connected autonomous vehicles, phones and people has the potential to revolutionise the way we understand and make decisions in our cities. 

Africa's forgotten frontiers: the Sahel - Reza Pakravan

Taking the audience on a breathtaking journey across the continent, filmmaker Reza Pakravan will share stories of the tense frontiers, enduring traditions and ordinary people living where climate change has hit the hardest: the Sahel.

If at first you don’t succeed… Chris Speight

Join us in Kielder. With its lack of crowds, fresh countryside air, secluded waterside bays and huge tree-lined paths you really get the sense you’re the last person on Earth.