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At Trinity School in Lewisham, we have embraced the opportunity to screen recordings of the RGS-IBG Monday night lecture programme, using our School Membership, to our Higher Ability pupils as a part of their enrichment provision. Using the lecture series as part of our HA strategy means that a stretching, challenging curriculum is firmly embedded for our pupils and they are exposed to a wide variety of ideas, issues and conversations around geography as an academic discipline and a tangible force for change. 

Pupils bring their lunch to the screening and thoroughly enjoy the aspect of feeling special and being subjected to a high level of subject discourse. We issue special invitations to be given to their friends to take part too. We would thoroughly recommend using the RGS-IBG lectures as a means of encouraging all pupils, but especially for the more academically able to help them reach their aspirational grades.

Vicky Adnitt, Head of Humanities, and Rhona McLaughlin, Deputy Headteacher, Trinity Lewisham

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