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Geography and Core Maths Initiative – Resources

The following resources will help teachers and students with mathematical elements of the geography specifications. They are also intended to show how studying Core Maths can be beneficial to geographers. These resources are from our work and CPD events with the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme on the Geography and Core Maths Initiative.

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Chi square CPD - additional information


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Free resources that will support Geography


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Analysing, contextualising and processing geographical data - 9.11.20 CPD event


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Chi square CPD - presentation 1 March 2021


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Chi square CPD - Toy cars speadsheet


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Chi square CPD - two way spreadsheet


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Video resources to accompany the training materials

Top video: How to copy a slide which collects student data and automatically displays a boxplot and use it in your own activity

Bottom video: Setting and using the rainfall and interpreting data task with your students

AMSP have made a video and resources relevant to working in urban regeneration, which will be of interest to geographers. Teachers may also be interested in AMSP's 'visualising inequality (by hand) resources and competition'.

Other Resources

Maths for A level Geography - Desmos Collection