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Afghanistan, the country is often only seen, heard or read about through the UK media. The images we see are of a land of tribesmen, war and destruction. In fact, Afghanistan has a rich and complex history, a diverse cultural heritage, but has been and continues to be the centre of political, social and economic struggles.

This has been due to Afghanistan's location, at the cross-roads of Asia. The country lies on a crossroads between south, west and central Asia, and the way of life has been influenced by all these regions. There are more than 30 languages spoken in the region - the official languages are Dari (Persian) and Pashtu and many different ethnic groups including Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek and Turkmen.

Key questions

Where is Afghanistan?

What is Afghanistan like?

How do people make a living?  

What are the differences between rural and urban Afghanistan?

Why do people leave Afghanistan? 

Online activity

The Society's exhibition From Kabul to Kandahar: 1833 - 1933 provides a unique snapshot of the Society’s collection on Afghanistan. Curated in partnership with British Afghan communities, it provides an alternative picture of Afghanistan to that which may be seen in the prevailing media coverage of this country today. 


  • BBC News: keep up to date with what's happening in Afghanistan today.

  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office: find out more information about Afghanistan's economy and political situation from the FCO's country profile

  • Afghanistan Online: a website with lots of information about Afghanistan from its history, culture, people, economy and biographies of Afghan people

  • Refugee Council: visit this website to go behind the headlines and discover the facts behind the myths

  • British Agencies Afghanistan Group: the BAAG project was set up by British NGOs in 1987 as an umbrella group to draw public attention to the humanitarian needs of the population of Afghanistan and of Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan

This theme was developed with support from Frohar Poya Faryabi, the Afghan Association of London (Harrow) and its supplementary school. Workshops were also held with Brondesbury College for Boys (Brent).


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Afghanistan image information


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Compare Kabul and the countryside


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Country Profile


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Create your own timeline


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Land and Livelihoods


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Make your own presentation


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Past and Present


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Seeking refuge


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The drugs trail


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Why do people move to Afghanistan- stories


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