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January 2013

Who are the world’s superpowers? In truth, it depends who you ask. Providing a satisfactory answer to the question involves defining a point in history and exploring different types of power.

Having delivered this lesson, you might want to consider whether electronics giant Apple is the world’s greatest economic power. Or whether Jamaica could be considered a sporting superpower.

Thinking beyond the USA’s military power, this resource provides a thought-provoking introduction to superpower geographies. Drawing on the expertise of Dr Alasdair Pinkerton, this resource gives historical context before reflecting on the present day. They conclude by considering what the future might hold.

These resources will provide students with an introduction to Superpower Geographies, through an examination of who the superpowers are and how their power develops over time.

The resources have been adapted from a presentation given by Dr Alasdair Pinkerton (Lecturer in Human Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London) at an RGS-IBG A2 study day on 15 October 2012.


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