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The updated ‘A’ level specifications for first teaching from 2016 introduced a stronger focus on the theme of ‘place’. The grant has enabled work on the creation of a resource which takes some ideas from a unit called ‘Inspirational Landscapes’, taught as a third year undergraduate module (level 6) as part of a BA/ BSc Hons. Geography degree pathway at Keele University. This has been taken as the inspiration for a series of planned resources which connect with, and cover the key content of the ‘A’ level Geography topic of ‘Changing Places’, hence the overall title of the project.

The work has connected with the Places section of the AQA ‘A’ level specification in particular as Alan Parkinson was the co-author and editor of a textbook for this specification.

Following discussions, and a preliminary planning and reading phase/ literature review, an overall plan for a ‘Scheme of Work’ was developed, which went through several iterations. The contents have been linked the work of a number of authors, so there is also a secondary aim to introduce teachers to the work of a number of key authors on our relationship with place, and film-makers and poets who also produce work on the theme of place.

A website was produced, and launched during mid-2017. 

What’s it all about? – (re)presentation of Place

  • Definition(s) of place
  • Types of place(s)

We begin by being lost.

  • Rebecca Solnit and the role of maps     
  • Mental maps / Hugh Brody and Northern cultures
  • Atlas of Experience

3. Temporary (created), 'natural' and cultural places

  • Temporary places: Glastonbury Festival
  • 'Natural' places: Cley Marsh    
  • Created places: Northumberlandia

4. Place and space in art, music and film

  • Representations of landscape in culture
  • Gamespaces - Minecraft and other games       
  • 'Isle of Dogs' - Megasaki and Trash Island

5. The idea of North (and South)

  • North-South Divide(s)
  • Simon Armitage and the idea of the North
  • Midlands

6. Highs and Lows 

  • Mountain Landscapes (the highs)
  • The Fens (and the lows)

7. Edgelands

  • Boundaries - urban and rural border including Green Belts

8. Wet and Dry

  • Islands - George Mackay Brown, St. Kilda
  • Dry spaces

9. A place of safety – risky and protected places

  • Risky places
  • Fieldwork visit - some guidance will appear here linked to the NEA

10. Your place – final project as an assessment


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